Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meet Jeremih in Richmond THIS MONDAY

Yes, ladies, Jeremih will be at DTLR in Richmond signing his debut album. If you don't already have it, or you want another to put on your wall or whatever, you can buy it there for LESS THAN $10-- that's alright! AND if it's your birthday, well... I got your gift.
Click on the calender in the Events sections for directions.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Unruly Vinyl

If you're a serious DJ, you DEFINITELY don't want to miss out on this limited release on color vinyl! (click the image above to see it)
For more info, email


A1. DJ Class – I Don’t Give A Fuck
A2.Ultra Nate feat DJ Class – Hey DJ
A3.Say Wut – Go Off Wit It
A4.Uncle Jesse – Stricker

B1. Emynd – We Gon Make It
B2. Chavy Boys – Weirdo
B3. Scottie B – Sis
B4. Scottie B – Makin A Livin
B5. Cousin Cole – Swag On

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scottie @ International Saturdays

Baltimore DJ legend & Unruly co-founder Scottie B. is keepin it poppin over @ International on Saturdays, with Hip Hop and Dirty South stunners. Click the link for directions and info.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pics from We Be Unruly 2

We send our deepest sympathy if you were unable to attend Friday's event because
Even I, your humble narrator, was throwin down... so I forget certain details :)
But between the 3 fully packed rooms, all the free stuff (including Unruly gym rags for yo sweaty azz) and the ltd. color vinyls, it was unforgettable, definitely the best party I've been to ever. EVER!

We found some pretty excellent photos on Gutter Daily from last Friday's event. (what's up, Joe?)
More to come...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Facebook Fan Page

The newly updated Unruly Records fan page on facebook features links to Unruly artists, as well as news specific to the record label. Pages for Unruly Marketing & Communications, U Management, and Direct Drive Record Pool are coming soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twista In-store @ DTLR TONIGHT

Come out and meet Twista @ the Columbia Mall tonight, from 7-9PM, at DTLR. You can buy cds there, if you haven't yet done so.
Here are some directions.

That's 4 S's BTW

S-S-S-Say Wut is one of the dudes who does a little bit of everything-- but it's actually more like everything he tries is f***in ill. Some people are just born like that, I guess...
So, I mean, I don't know. We did't WANT to leak these, but we just kinda had to. So here we go.

Baltimore City Paper: Noise: The Club Beat With Say Wut
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Download @ Soundcloud

My Crew Be Unruly | Baltimore City Paper Calendar

"My Crew Be Unruly is Critic’s Pick this Friday."

My Crew Be Unruly | Baltimore City Paper Calendar

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DJ Class

DJ Class IS The Ish! I don't know what more to say than that. He's responsible for some of the earliest Club anthems, and he continues to switch it up, now by combining Club with more popular styles of Hip Hop and RnB. For more on him, check out this Baltimore City Paper article. Also check him out on Zune.
And, special shout out to the beautiful and talented Taylor San Diego, pictured above (i think i'm in love...)

Flyer for My Crew Be Unruly 2

Here's a couple fings posted by Senari, our wonderful promoters [thanking you]. For more information, check out My Crew Be Unruly on facebook.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NO RULE last night

NO RULE, Monday's event by Scottie (Unruly VP) and Cullen (Taxlo Hunter) keeps getting better. They got drink specials 'til midnight, and the DJs keep you moving.

Last night these cats from L.A,. NGUZUNGUZU (it's actually easy once you say it like 3 times) were spinning some of the just grimiest, twisted steppers I've heard in a minute, mixed with some Waremouse and other really classic tunes. Check em out.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jermaine Dupri & Trey Songs I'm the Ish Rmx

In case you missed out last year, we're given you a chance to redeem yourself.
We got DJ Class up in this ish! Baltimore's club diva Ultra Nate giving us the business. The Chavy Boys: label founders Shawn Caesar and Scottie B. alongside King Tutt holdin it down on the decks. Bmore Originals Doo Dew Kidz... You know what, I'm just gonna copy and paste the list:

DJ Class
Ultra Nate
Chavy Boys
(Scottie B., Shawn Caesar, & King Tutt)
Doo Dew Kidz
(Booman, Griff, & Jimmy Jones)
Say Wut
DJ Sega
DJ Ayres
DJ Tameil
Supa DJ Big L
Emynd & Bo Bliz
Cousin Cole
DJ Sega
The Heat
(Stereofatih & Jonny Blaze)
Nouveau Riche DJs
Chris Brooks
Cullen Stalin
Uncle Jesse
Adam Gonzo & Mark Brown
Will Eastman
James Nasty & Andrew Jaye
Get 'Em Mamis
And you know what: we know times is hard. So we got your FREE BEER (or at least until you drink it all) & FREE BREAKFAST-- no lie. And it's BYOB if your 21+. The party is 18+.
You gotta get your tickets NOW though, because the price is gonna go up at the door.
Alright? See you there.