Monday, July 13, 2009

In case you missed out last year, we're given you a chance to redeem yourself.
We got DJ Class up in this ish! Baltimore's club diva Ultra Nate giving us the business. The Chavy Boys: label founders Shawn Caesar and Scottie B. alongside King Tutt holdin it down on the decks. Bmore Originals Doo Dew Kidz... You know what, I'm just gonna copy and paste the list:

DJ Class
Ultra Nate
Chavy Boys
(Scottie B., Shawn Caesar, & King Tutt)
Doo Dew Kidz
(Booman, Griff, & Jimmy Jones)
Say Wut
DJ Sega
DJ Ayres
DJ Tameil
Supa DJ Big L
Emynd & Bo Bliz
Cousin Cole
DJ Sega
The Heat
(Stereofatih & Jonny Blaze)
Nouveau Riche DJs
Chris Brooks
Cullen Stalin
Uncle Jesse
Adam Gonzo & Mark Brown
Will Eastman
James Nasty & Andrew Jaye
Get 'Em Mamis
And you know what: we know times is hard. So we got your FREE BEER (or at least until you drink it all) & FREE BREAKFAST-- no lie. And it's BYOB if your 21+. The party is 18+.
You gotta get your tickets NOW though, because the price is gonna go up at the door.
Alright? See you there.

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