Friday, February 26, 2010



Klown + Orion aka BLDN

So, I go to this place in Dundalk called The Black Hole.  I actually never heard of it, but the way Scottie described it, I was thinking what the hell.  As soon as I walk in, they're blaring Hard Trance & there's kids absolutely raving with light stix.  BUT it wasn't like some jam band, Phish-loving hippy shit (which I can appreciate, although it's really not my shit).   This really was actually a fucking rave!, and it really was as though I had taken a black hole back to '98.
Now, I mean, a lot has changed during the last 12 years, but after a couple Red Bull & Vodkas, I didn't give a fuck!!  Scottie blew it up (of course), and after him was a dude playing DnB-- Now THAT'S my shit!!!  Good time, no violence, real ravers, I'll go again-- ideally when I have Friday off!  See Pole Dancing Raver & other vids from last  night on my youtube page.

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