Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Big fan of this EP!! Ride or Die keeps showing up in my playlist, although all three songs are dope & fit anywhere in your set.  It's definitely jungly & the release notes compared it to Virus Records.... It reminds me [although I love Virus] more of Back 2 Basics' more cut-up stuff, layered with almost "clownstep" basslines, but a touch of the cold-wave ambience that is characteristic of Star Eyes... Really heavy but energetic release!  Highly recommended.

Listen & Download Below
Star Eyes - White Gloves EP by Trouble & Bass

Read what T&B said about it:

The brand new Star Eyes - "White Gloves" EP has dropped today. For us this has been long awaited release since her last "Disappear" EP we dropped in 2009! Trouble & Bass resident bad girl Star Eyes unleashes three heavy-hitting original tracks that prove she’s never lost her hardcore. Following 2009’s haunted house-themed Disappear EP and a crop of remixes for the likes of Creep, Hussle Club, and Riviera, the White Gloves EP finds Star Eyes’ filtering her obsession with old-skool rave, jungle music, and partying all night in the darkest of warehouses through the lens of modern heavy bass, house, and grime. “White Gloves” is pure peak-time madness, with classic breakbeat chops falling down a rabbit hole and emerging into a cavern of ruffneck bass punctuated by hands-in-the-air piano stabs and dangerous airhorns. The dark and crispy roller “What Do You Mean” pairs skittering UK funky-style percussion with a growling low-end that channels Ed Rush & Optical. Rounding out the EP is “Ride or Die,” a haunting drive through grime house territory, shot through with lasers, demanding snares, and Star Eyes’ own hardcore-inspired vocals. One EP that will definitely have you calling for the rewind!

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getting support great support: 

"White Gloves is so Good!" - B. Rich

"New fav T&B Release! Drum programming on all these tracks both impeccable and original" - Contakt (Turrbotax)

"Ride or Die is my fav! I love it" Zombies For Money

"Bigggg! 'What Do You Mean?' gonna be on my play list for a while" - Mikix The Cat

"Dark, raw and grimey, Great Stuff" - Kanji Kinetic

"Really liking 'Ride or Die', old school T&B Vibe" - The Phantom

"'What Do You Mean?' Holy Shit those synths are mean! Polo ravers beware" - Tittsworth

"White Gloves is Big" - Roska

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