Wednesday, June 8, 2011


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Bache-Gabrielsen x Teki Latex - Teaser from Bache-Gabrielsen on Vimeo.

TEKI LATEX, Rappa-Turnt-DJ/Owner of French House Label Sound Pellegrino) & Bache-Gabrielsen (Cognac distillery, I think) will finally unveil their collaborative project on today or tomorrow, depending on your time zone. It will involve a video as well as a free download which [Teki confirmed] will publicly release Teki Latex - Zodiac (produced by Bambounou w/ vox by Teki) & remixes by Das Glow & Club Cheval's Panteros666!!

Last Monday, Club Cheval's Canblaster descended a blaze of fury at the finale of Cullen & Scottie's No Rule, before blasting off to continue his tour, where at some point he's tag-teaming with Panteros666. Teki also played at No Rule last year... watch my poorly recorded iPhone vid?

For more info on this exciting free new release & the prolific Sound Pellegrino label, click HERE.
For a preview, download last night's podcast & listen @ 23:00.

We'll miss No Rule! It's been a great party, the best free weekly party.
[next to Friendsdayz ;)]

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