Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Garvey is the newest artist on the Triple Team Entertainment label.  Born and raised in the brutal streets of Northwest Washington, DC, Garvey is ahead of the competition as a well-grounded & lyrically gifted MC.  What separates Garvey from every other street MC is his ability to create street music that vividly tells a story in creative fashion.
From the booth to performing with mainstream artists such as Slim Thug, 3-6 Mafia, Rick Ross, Plies, Rich Bo, and Ray Cash, Garvey is constantly working.  There's no doubt that this artist is built for longevity, and is determined to get in the game, leave his mark, and bring the trophy back to D.C. (Jay Claxton {left}& Garvey The Chosen One {right} discuss Hard Hat Vol. 1 & The "DBV")

Make sure you pick up Garvey "The Chosen One" - Hard Hat Vol. 1 AVAILABLE @ DTLR!!!

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