Saturday, January 23, 2010

"I'm a sweetheart, man! I love life."

Snoop from The Wire shouldn't need an introduction.  As an acclaimed actor, author, music entrepreneur, and rapper, she's become the poster child for inner city life in Baltimore.  But the world still has a lot more to discover about Felicia "Snoop" Pearson.  For one, she's not malicious at all; to put it in context, she stopped in the middle of studying two scripts, to let me (of all people) kinda just shoot the shit with her over the phone-- for anyone who knows me, that should speak volumes!  Thank you, Snoop!!! 

      Snoop Pearson on football  by  Derek


Me: What script you reading?
Snoop: Can't tell you right now, but it's coming up.

Can you talk a little about your book?
Grace After Midnight is a memoir about my life, you know, the trials and tribulations that I've been through from the first day I hit this earth until now.  I'm in the process of writing my second book now.

Do you have a title yet?
Nah.  That's the hardest part!  So I'm asking people what they think I should call my second book. Throw some titles out!

How did you get into the Wire, and what is the next step for you?
I got into The Wire w/ Michael K Williams, that's Omar, first of all.  He brought me to the writers and producers, they wrote me in.  Right now, I got my second book coming out, music, and this movie, that we should be shooting by my birthday in May.

Could you talk a little about rapping?
I'm not trying to be a rapper. I'm an entertainer.  But I'm just trying to push my label out there, just to get people familiar, And give other people a start.  Like, I had gotten a start straight out the blue (you know).  I never knew that I knew how to act or nothing like that.  So people that are ranting, you know, yeah come on!  If you talented, yeah come on! Let's get it in; let me hear what you got!

Do you have any singles out?
Gimme 2 weeks.  It's called... well the real version's called "She Wanna Fuck Me Cuz I'm Famous," but the edited version is "She Wanna Touch Me Cuz I'm Famous."

What's the name of your label?
3rd Family Entertainment.

What rappers and musical artists do you think are hot, and which do you think are wack?
Oh man! I mean, people that's wack, like, I can't really speak on that... Like, if they wack, they already know they need to stop, you know, it's like, "just stop"!  But if you wanna just do music, just don't let nobody stop you. If you think and believe in your heart that you're talented, go for what you know.  But if you're wack, you know, just stop.  Stop.

For people in Baltimore, nationally, and overseas, you've become the face of Baltimore in many respects.  And they identify with... I don't wanna say your character, because it's you...
No. Really, it's not me.  Like, I could say that some of the things on The Wire I have done, but, you know what I mean, that character's nothing like me.  I'm not cold-hearted like Snoop on The Wire. I mean, I do have a heart! I mean...

Well to tell you the truth, I haven't watched that much of The Wire, so I guess I can't really speak intelligently on it.
Well Snoop on The Wire, that character that I play, she's a cold-hearted person... Just in her way. You/she...yeah.  She gonna yeah, she gonna destroy you.
 Oh man! I'm sorry I said that was you being you!
See. Snoop, she wouldn't be doing this interview!

So tell me about the parties you've been hosting.  You've been doing that outside of Baltimore as well as in, yeah?
Yeah, all over.

Where are the best parties?
Well, the funnest parties... California, because they throw the best.  New York, California... and Atlanta sometimes. Atlanta got theirs spur of the moment, though.

Where you living these days?
I'm out in Glen Burnie.

  Have you eaten dinner?
Who me? Nah.

What do you like to eat?
Um, I'm a seafood type of person.

You watch any TV? Are there any shows you watch every week? 
No. Right now I just cut down on watching television, and music, and everything.  I got two scripts that I gotta bust down.  But when I turn on the TV I watch UFC. I'm a big fan of UFC.

Who's your fave?
Kimbo. Kimbo Slice. Yeah, he getting better. He got knocked out before, but he a street fighter.  Now he getting professional help now .  But once he learns all that, he's gonna be a monster. I mean a monster.

How do you feel about the Ravens?
Um... Better luck next year!  I mean, I wish we woulda did it, cuz I damn sure gonna be in Miami for this Super Bowl.  But I wish we woulda been there.  It woulda been a plus-- yeah, it woulda been a plus. But we just gotta look at all things. I ain't gonna say who was making mistakes, but (you know what I mean) it's like Ray Rice can't do it by himself!

I heard that. [waiting for her, since I don't know anything about the NFL] 
But I give shout outs to the whole team though.  Grubbs did his thing, Ray Rice did his thing. Ray Lewis, you know, he's still getting hits; he ain't getting that 200 no more, but he's getting that 1-something, he probably like 115 at tackles-- like, I'm talking about tackles.  You watch sports?! "No."   
Uh, I don't watch that much to tell you the truth.  Now you're sounding like Scottie B....

Well it's really been awesome getting a chance to catch up with you.  You're definitely not the cold-blooded "Snoop" from The Wire.
I'm a sweet-heart, man. I love life.
Big Shouts to Shawn Caesar! Unruly and Third Family Entertainment is what it is.  And thanks for the support my dude.  
Let's get it in!!!


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