Thursday, January 14, 2010

Serato + Ableton = "The Bridge"

Ableton & Serato finally revealed "The Bridge".
1.  It lets you save a Serato Live "Mixtape", and F with it like you would in Ableton.  All your EQs, blends, pitching, etc. will be automated, so you can completely perfect your mix.
2. You can play Ableton tracks in the Serato interface.  HOPEFULLY this will mean you can do something like scratch a sequence of clips from one track.  Since Serato 2 will feature the option of having more than 2 decks at a time, it's the best solution for needle-less DJs-- in fact, "The Bridge" even works with Serato Itch. And best of all, you now have MIDI time and transport control, so ("ideally") you can mix and blend your Fruity Loops, Acid, Logic, & Reason sessions!
3.  There's video integration options!  Better start ripping your favorite action DVDS...

Watch more footage of DJs nearly wetting themselves over this BELOW:

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